Sorcerer's Apprentice Camp

August 1, 2011

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Each day we will select two or three experiments from the following list, depending on weather and ability of the students. We reserve the right to change the subjects as necessary to meet the needs of the children. The age group for all programs is 5 - 11. All students will be together for the introduction and story part of the lesson, but for most of the experiments they will be split into two groups by age. NOTE: The week of July 4th, this camp will be only 4 days, and the price is discounted. The week of August 1, it will be the regular 5 days.
* Flash Paper: Coat paper with chemicals to make it burn really fast, medium, or slow.
Fireworks Colors: Put chemicals on paper and make them burn red, blue, green, violet, and bright orange.
* Secret Sand: If up is down and black is white, can wet be dry or loose be tight? You’ll find out with this experiment.
* Corn Starch Monsters: Place white gooey stuff in a cup and then shake it up and down with a motor just right and it will grow arms and legs and try to crawl right out of the cup!
* Color Changers: Mix chemicals to make inks that will change colors when they cross over each other.
* Cartesian Divers: Trick your friends with this creature that swims up or down at your command but does nothing for them.
* Wire with a Memory: Burn a stick wound with wire and now it will always return to that shape when it gets warm.
* Polarized Light: Clear objects look clear and frost looks white, but with these glasses you will see all kinds of wonderful colors.
* Glow Sticks: We all know that they glow, but we’ll try to make them glow extremely bright and then very dim before we cut them open and use them for artwork.
* Yanking the Tablecloth: Now you too can pull a tablecloth off of a table full of dishes and silverware.
* Soda and Mentos: Which soda will squirt highest? Should the soda be warm or cold? How many mentos work best? All this you will discover!
* Destructive Testing: Twist, tear, cut, smash and bend stuff until it breaks. This way we can decide which materials will work best to save a stranded person.
* Dry Ice: Make fog, bubbling potions, and screaming pieces of metal with this versatile material.
* Super-strong Magnets: Discover how to turn a wimpy magnet into a super-strong magnet.
* Tricking Your Eyes: View all kinds of optical illusions and also see what happens when bright colored lights flash into your eyes and confuse your poor brain.