Older Students (age 11-16

January 10, 2012

9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

1. Liquid Crystals: Discover how fatty stuff plus a little bit of heat can make rainbows and how to avoid being seen at night when you are misbehaving.
2. Hunting Wild Vicious Teddy Bears: A super clever Teddy Bear thinks he has a fool-proof way to prevent lead poisoning from your rifle… will he succeed?
3. Ballista: The giant crossbow on the wall has been clamoring for a chance to shoot something, so all you have to do is design a castle that will entirely collapse when hit with the ballista arrow.
4. Exploding Film Cans: Discover ways to make exploding film cans propel an object as high as possible.
5. Irish Spinner: This weird chunk of plastic has a mind of its own… spin it one way and it will stop and start spinning the other way all by itself. All you have to do is make one of your own that will do the same thing!
6. Curie Point: You get to cook some magnets in an oven at 1000 degrees and with torches to see what happens and then you need to find a way to reverse whatever it was that happened.
7. Pressure Versus Volume: If you jump out of a spaceship without your space suit, what will happen? You will get to try marshmallows, balloons, and soda pop in a vacuum chamber to see what they do.
8. Boiling Point Depression: Does water get depressed when it is boiled? What would happen if you poured salt into boiling water? We’ll just have to try it to see.
9. Screw and Magnet Motor: Make an electric motor the hard way and then make another one the easy way to see which one you like the best.
10. Tesla Coil Lighting Effects: Use 400,000 volts of electricity to create chaos, mayhem, and really cool effects.