Middle Students (age 7-12)

January 17, 2012

10:15 AM - 11:15 AM

1. Wind Tunnel!: Use five leaf blowers to create winds at up to 150 miles per hour and create something like a kite that will stay in the wind and create the greatest amount of force.
2. Mountain Rescue: Work together to lift a person off of the ground with ropes, levers, and pulleys.
3. Lasers and Mirrors: Discover how mirrors can give you a million eyes, create infinitely long tunnels, and make you look like a minion. Then add lasers and stage fog to see what happens.
4. Electrical Experience: Do all the stuff you are not supposed to do with wires, lights, motors, and bells just to see what will happen.
5. Magnetism: Build a weird creature and find a way to make it move unsafely through evil Mister Fred’s back yard.
6. Wind Chill Factor: Freeze your fingers but not your toes and build a super-efficient propeller to help gauge wind speed. By the way, will your gauge gouge the wind?
7. Static Electricity: Think lightning and thunder, hair standing straight up, and shiny things floating away all by themselves.
8. Glow Sticks: Make glow sticks glow brighter or dimmer, cut them open and get the chemicals all over the place, and try to catch a glowing object in the dark.
9. Catapults: Make a goofy machine that can throw a grape as far as possible.
10. Foam Cutters: Use electricity to melt foam into wonderful shapes.