Dragons Camp AM

July 10, 2012

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Fighting with Fire-Breathing Dragons
Each day we will select two or three experiments from the following list, depending on weather and ability of the students. We reserve the right to change the subjects as necessary to meet the needs of the children. The age group for all programs is 5 - 11. Most days, there are three lessons, and all students are together for the opening part of the lesson. Then we randomly split them into two groups for the story and the hands-on experiment.
* Launching Water Balloons: What better way to douse the dragon’s fire? Use our 12-foot-tall slingshot to make water balloons disappear.
* Smoke Rings: This is useful for distracting ridgeback dragons. Use stage fog to create smoke rings from all sorts of containers.
* Hovercraft: Float heavy weapons over land and water right to the dragon’s lair.
* Parachutes: These are handy if the dragon decides to give you a toss from up in the clouds.
* Cork Shooters: With loud noises and flying objects you can create a diversion.
* Straw Rockets: No dragon will be safe in the sky. These go so high they seem to disappear.
* Soap Bubbles: It turns out that dragons are deathly afraid of bubbles!
* Water Bottle Rockets: A barrage of water bottle rockets will put out the fire and scare away all but the bravest dragon.
* Launching Film Cans: Using dry ice we can hide in the fog and launch objects with impunity.
* Trebuchets: I wonder if dragons like grapefruit? Either way, they are going to get some!
* Roller Coasters: Dragons just can’t resist trying to eat people riding on roller coasters. Better make yours go fast!
* Crushing Castles: Build a castle and then knock it down with arrows from a ballista.
* Stomp Rockets: Dragons love eating messengers, but it might be possible to send a message by way of a simple rocket.
* Curveball and Frisbees: Dragons just don’t know what to do about things that don’t fly straight.
* Balloon Rockets: When dragons see these, they get so furious that they start fighting with each other.