Vampire Bunnies Camp

June 19, 2012

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

What to Do When Vampire Bunnies Attack
Each day we will select two or three experiments from the following list, depending on weather and ability of the students. We reserve the right to change the subjects as necessary to meet the needs of the children. The age group for all programs is 5 - 11. Most days, there are three lessons, and all students are together for the opening part of the lesson. Then we randomly split them into two groups for the story and the hands-on experiment.
* Echoes: Vampire bunnies do not like loud noises… discover how to amplify very small sounds into incredibly loud sounds without using any electricity and then make them echo.
* Glove Bagpipes: And vampire bunnies change into something else when confronted by a moose playing bagpipes.
* Marshmallow Cannons: Never look directly into the eyes of a vampire bunny or you will become hypnotized. Ddiscover a way to shoot marshmallows around corners!
* Catapults: Vampire bunnies love to chase evil Mister Fred’s minions. So all you have to do is make his minions go far away.
* Foam Cutters: Vampire bunnies can fly, but they have poor eyesight. Can you find a way to stop them?
* Shrinky Dinks: Strangely enough, vampire bunnies like to eat miniature stained glass windows. Discover how to make a bunch of them fast!
* Bouncing Goo: If you can set a trap with something sticky and gooey, perhaps you can capture a live vampire bunny.
* Magnetic Creatures: How can you collect a whole flock of vampire bunnies with airplanes and magnets?
* Screaming Metal: Hear the screams of agony as you force pieces of metal against dry ice… can this be used to freeze the brains of the vampire bunnies?
* Water Defying Gravity: If you give the vampire bunnies lots of salty food, maybe you can lure them into a trap with a cup of cold water as the bait. Make water go uphill, stay in a jar that is upside down over your head, and squirt out of a fountain all by itself.
* Mountain Rescue: Use rock-climbing equipment to lift each other off of the ground so that you can get up into the vampire-bunny-eating trees.
* Boomerangs: Experiment with ways to make all sorts of shapes fly back to you and perhaps even smack a vampire bunny on the back of the head.
* Sunken Ships: Since vampire bunnies love cheeseburgers, try to find a cheap way to float one billion cheeseburgers out to their island.
* Static Levitation: Use invisible forces to make ghostly shapes float through the air and scare off the vampire bunnies.
* Water-Powered Rocket Car: This is literally a drag-racer. Try to find a way to make your rocket car go the furthest while carrying a cheeseburger.