Evil Mr Fred Camp

July 26, 2012

1:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Outsmarting Evil Mister Fred
Each day we will select two or three experiments from the following list, depending on weather and ability of the students. We reserve the right to change the subjects as necessary to meet the needs of the children. The age group for all programs is 5 - 11. Most days, there are three lessons, and all students are together for the opening part of the lesson. Then we randomly split them into two groups for the story and the hands-on experiment.
* Flash Paper: Evil Mister Fred likes to smoke cigars. Let’s give him some that burn really fast, medium, or slow and the put chemicals in them to make them burn red, blue, green, violet, and bright orange.
* Secret Sand: The sink in evil Mister Fred’s castle leaks and he uses plain old sand to soak up the water so that it doesn’t drip downstairs on his bed. Shall we give him some new colorful sand?
* Cartesian Divers: Evil Mister Fred likes to toss visitors in the well with rocks tied to their mustaches. Is there anything you can give the minions so that they can rescue their buddies?
* Glow Sticks: Of course, evil Mister Fred makes his trapped prisoners eat dinner in the pitch-black darkness of the dungeon. Is there any way the prisoners can scare evil Mister Fred so badly that he will let them have the lights on?
* Yanking the Tablecloth: Evil Mister Fred thinks it is funny to put ten minions on a carpet near the edge of a cliff and then yank the carpet right out from under them. Is there any way to make it so that the minions don’t fly over the edge?
* Destructive Testing: Evil Mister Fred lets his victims choose the material that would be used to tie them up dangling from the branches of a tree in the jungle. Can you guess which material would give them the best chance to escape?
* Dry Ice: Evil Mister Fred has spies everywhere. How can Jack and Jill sneak chocolate ice cream, cakes, and hacksaws into his dungeon to help the prisoners escape?
* Collapsing Bridges: There are trolls living under the bridge, and evil Mister Fred has a plan to make Jack and Jill’s friends fall into the troll’s open mouth. What can Jack and Jill do to make it across safely?
* Popcorn Volcano: Evil Mister Fred has sabotaged Jack and Jill’s airplane so that it is going to crash. What can they do?
* Helium Balloons: Evil Mister has trimmed the feathers on the wings of the flying whales… how can Jack and Jill help them land safely?
* Foosh! and Boom!: Evil Mister Fred commanded his minions to sneak up on an unsuspecting village and tickle them mercilessly. Is there any way Jack and Jill can warn them?
* Oscillating Pendulum: Tarzan is swinging through the jungle on vines, but evil Mister Fred has made the trees so that they can jump right into his path. How can Jack and Jill keep Tarzan from going splat?
* Wind Chill Factor: Evil Mister Fred made a deal with the sun to cook all the frogs migrating from Florida back to Las Vegas. Can Jack and Jill find a way to keep them from drying out, shriveling up, and blowing away?
* Rolling Forever: Evil Mister Fred has cursed the Jack-and-Jill-O’Lanterns so that if they stop rolling, even for two seconds, they will die. What shall they do?
* Burn Money: Evil Mister Fred made a new law that everything had to be bought with burning money, but the stores would not accept burned money. How can Jack and Jill outsmart him?