Frankenstein Camp

August 2, 2012

1:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Frankenstein's Lab (Mostly chemistry and electricity)
Each day we will select two or three experiments from the following list, depending on weather and ability of the students. We reserve the right to change the subjects as necessary to meet the needs of the children. The age group for all programs is 5 - 11. Most days, there are three lessons, and all students are together for the opening part of the lesson. Then we randomly split them into two groups for the story and the hands-on experiment. NOTE: The week of July 2nd, this camp will be only 4 days (NO camp on Wednesday), and the price is discounted. The week of July 30th, it will be the regular 5 days.
* Laser Sound Waves: Scream into a cup and see what kinds of vibrations your voice makes.
* Exploding Film Cans: A little spark plus a little breath spray creates a loud bang, and away it goes!
* Dry Ice: Make fog, bubbling potions, and screaming pieces of metal with this versatile material.
* Ice Cream: Melt some ice cream and then try to freeze it again with ice cubes.
* Solar Furnace: Melt a penny in 30 seconds, create instant flames on wood, and turn a rock into hot lava!
* Tesla Coil: Create a monster face with long squirming snakes of electricity coming out of its eyes and ears.
* Van De Graaf Generator: Create lightning bolts, levitate pie tins, and make your long hair stand on end with static electricity.
* Electric Guitar: Frankenstein can only be calmed down by the ear-splitting sound of feedback from an electric guitar. Use the amplifiers and pick-up coils to see what damage you can do.
* Hand-Crank Electricity: Spin a generator hooked up to motors, lights, fans, bells, and electromagnets to see how it feels.
* Calcium Carbide: Water plus smelly rocks plus a spark makes big boom!
* Burn Things With Electricity: Thomas Edison had way too much fun burning things up with electricity, so we will too.
* Hot, Cold, and Fizzy: Mix chemicals together and watch them change color, feel them change temperature, smell them getting nasty, and hear the bag pop!
* Kill the Candle: In our un-birthday party we will snuff out the lives of dozens of candles in the interest of science.
* Earthquakes: Try to build a building that will be totally destroyed by the earthquakes created on our earthquake table.
* Exploding Bubbles: Hear what happens when an innocent little blob of soap bubbles is held next to a candle flame.