Older Students (age 11-16

May 24, 2012

8:30 AM - 9:30 AM

1. Stretch Steel: Destroy wire, rope, and super-stretchy rubber to see if the new miracle plastics are really four times stronger than steel.
2. Conservation of Mass: Do explosions, fires, or atomic bombs ever turn matter into pure energy?
3. Popsicle Stick Strength: Break popsicle sticks by pulling, twisting, bending, and crushing and try to discover the best way to hold a wooden bat for baseball or for hitting minions.
4. Bridge Failure (Build): Build one or more bridges so that they will hold the most load for their weight, disintegrate suddenly, or toss pieces the furthest when they fail.
5. Bridge Failure (Test): Testing day.
6. Radioactive Stuff: We are literally surrounded by radioactive materials. Now is your chance to find out what it is and discover ways to shield against the powerful types.
7. Spontaneous Combustion: Find ways to make many sorts of chemicals burst into flames by themselves.
8. Magnesium and Dry Ice: Some types of fires will not stop burning even when air is removed. You can try to extinguish a road flare, matches, gunpowder and a few other things by removing the oxygen.
9. Building Stomp Rockets: In an effort to create nearly indestructible stomp rockets, you will design and test your own ideas and then everyone will jump on them to see if they still work.
10. Hydraulic Power: You will use the power of dunking ducks to fill a reservoir and then you’ll convert that water energy into something diabolical.