Middle Students (age 7-12)

April 13, 2012

10:15 AM - 11:15 AM

1. Polarized Light: Even perfectly clear things sometimes have colors hidden inside.
2. Samson’s Columns: Stack piles of books on paper supports and then run for your life!
3. Sunken Raft: Make all shapes of boats, load them up with money, and see if they can still float.
4. Shrinking Plastic: Put perfectly innocent cheeseburger trays in the oven and watch them wiggle and squirm.
5. Earthquakes: Build tall towers and then turn on the earthquake machine to see if they fall into a million pieces.
6. Corn Starch Monsters: Put something that looks like green mud in a cup and make it shake violently until it becomes alive.
7. Rainbows: How do tiny drops of water make rainbows and what is the smallest number of drops needed to create a rainbow?
8. Purify Water: Astronauts drink their own pee… how do they do that without getting sick?
9. Fingerprints: They are everywhere… discover ways to make them visible.
10. Straw Rockets: Discover ways to launch a straw so high you won’t be able to see it.